SIMAD University is located in Somalia and the institute provides various rages of international standard undergraduate courses in a variety of disciplines. The areas are statistics, economics, business, computer science, public administration, law, education, technology, allied health sciences, and accountancy. The university strives to create a better learning environment for those students thus they’ve a great deal of facilities installed such as classrooms equipped technologically, fantastic library, advanced computer labs with online facilities. With all the latest amenities and good programs available, SIMAD University may be the best university in Somalia.

SIMAD University is a private college in Mogadishu, Somalia. The university was founded by a group of intellectuals and former university lecturers. 2 years of attainable study lead to establishment of this SIMAD institute and became operational in November 1999 and it’s also a non-profit thing. Its creators intention to establish higher education to cultivate academic excellence. Even though it was founded in 1999, after eleven years of constant success and achievement the SIMAD institute has been really turned into full-fledged college on January 20, 2011.

Educational institutes such as SIMAD are some of the best institutes in Somalia that attempts at imparting education of global status in a variety of fields, They supply for subjects in a variety of fields of research such as economics, statistics, business, accountancy, computer engineering, technology, education, law, public administration and allied health sciences.

Lastly, the Faculty of Engineering aims to produce competent engineers for the benefit of Somali society. Civil Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are the bachelor degree offered by the university. The programs this faculty offers are in the areas of Bachelor in Science in Information Technology, Bachelor in Science in Computer Science, Bachelor in Science in Business Computing, Bachelor in Science in Graphics and Multimedia. Faculty of Law offers premium professional programs which aim to produce public service employees and law enforcement specialists. The school offers Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Shariah. College of Social Sciences offers degree programs in Public Administration, International Relations and Political Science, and Developmental Studies.

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